Cranium Chromebook Hard Case

It's a terrible feeling when your laptop screen breaks, since the rest is working just fine. Your work comes streaking to a halt. You wait for the tech team to fix the problem. Maybe a day and maybe a week. What if it didn't have to happen? What if that flexible screen on your Chromebook could be spared the failure, saving you from the pain of having to replace it?

If you or your kids have a Chromebook, you need to look into the Cranium Chromebook Protector. Find it on Amazon.

If you look into it more and contact the owner, please use code "FALLS" in order to get the best deal available, especially for large orders or on orders for Chromebooks not listed on Amazon. You can save on shipping if you order the 10-pack on Amazon, too.

If you just want a Chromebook cover that adds color or style, there are a lot of options. If you want one that adds protection and a whiteboard, your options are down to the Cranium.

The Cranium mentioned here is for the Acer 720/740, but you can ask about Samsung, Asus, HP, Dell, or many other options.