This summer instead of going to Juarez we will be working with " Ysleta Lutheran Mission" (LCMS). We will be working in an area called Sparks. Just southeast of El Paso, in the US. We will be doing a variety of work. It can consist of adding a room on to a house, re-roofing, tiling, painting, and many other repairs. We will be having a cross-cultural experience while serving the Lord, along with the fellowship that we create with each other. It is a spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual growth of both the participants as well as the people we are serving.

This year’s participants are: Anastasia Barton, Bryce Brooks, Joanne Eberle, Jeff, Pat, Mike & Ian Hurlbut, Ray Klein, Gayle & Samantha McClellan-Johnson, Rick & Jane Schmid, Lauren Wiener