Mark your calendar NOW for Saturday, August 8, 2009, for a FUN family bike ride! Our ChristCare group is recruiting riders for an Immanuel Team in Wheeling for Healing, to raise money for the Cancer Care Center at Community Memorial Hospital (the local hospital closest to church). Most of us have been touched by cancer at some time -- personally or among family or friends. So, it’s easy to see the importance of caring, compassionate, state-of-the-art care. Bicycling is a FUN way to help our local Cancer Care Center provide that type of care.

Please be clear, this is NOT a race. It is bicycle ride for the entire family, and all riders are required to wear helmets. There are three routes: 4-mile (often families with kids on bikes), 15-mile (most folks who enjoy bicycling), and 32-mile (usually the experienced, fast bikers). Times for the various routes are staggered; all begin in the morning at Community Memorial Hospital and all end by noon, at the hospital, for a picnic lunch. Registered riders receive a T-shirt, rest stops with free refreshments, post-ride party (includes entertainment and picnic lunch), and --- of course, great exercise and wonderful family fun! T-shirts for those on our Immanuel Team will include our church name and logo on the back, so the ride also gives us the opportunity to let others know we’re here for them. Team registration is $18.00 per person (adult or child) and is due by early July. Someone from the ChristCare group will be available before or after all services during June to take your and your family’s (or relatives’ or neighbors’) registrations – or you can put them in our mailboxes. Remember: Please make checks payable to: Immanuel and indicate it’s for “Wheeling for Healing”. We are required to submit all Team registrations with just one check.

ChristCare group goals for this are:

• Provide missional service (to the Cancer Care Center) and community witness

• Provide community building for at least 125 riders from Immanuel

• Let the community know Immanuel is here to attend their spiritual needs

Offer a family-oriented, healthy, and FUN event for Immanuel families

We are looking to register more than 130, so Immanuel can be recognized as the largest team one more time. Several businesses (especially Channel 12) are pushing to have the most riders. But there’s no reason we can’t be the largest team again in 2009. We just need YOU to register for the ride NOW! Please see any of us (ChristCare group members) NOW, between Sunday services, after the Monday service, at meetings, etc. for more information. Special, simple three-in-one registration forms will be available at the Information Desk beginning June 14 – or from ChristCare group members (below) --- we are happy to provide them. Immanuel Team Registration Deadline (without exception) is July 12, so don’t delay. T H A N K Y O U in advance for your support of this missional service!! ><> ><> ><>MaryBeth Bunnow Fritzy Eggold Carole Schmeda Elaine Schmeda Fred Eggold, Team Captain