ChristCare Groups have a place open for you for community, prayer, missional service, and biblical equipping.

Welcome to our New Leaders:

Robert & Sue Gebel

Andy & Sam Halstead

Tom & Linda Schuler

Mitch & Paula Vilar

Shaun & Kelly Wagner

Welcome to our Equipper:

Mary Todd-Krueger

Thinking About Needing a Small Community within a Large Church?

ChristCare Groups Fill the Need. Sometimes a church the size of Immanuel is a bit overwhelming for people. They don’t know exactly where to fit in, how to meet people, how to find that Christian support they need. That’s what makes ChristCare Groups such a great ministry. Groups of 8-12 adults meet on a regular basis for Christian care, prayer, biblical equipping, and missional service. It’s not just a Bible study; it’s a time for true Christian caring, support, and encouragement. It’s a chance to really get to know some other Christians and invite one another to spur each other on in the faith.

New Leaders are Forming New Groups; Current Groups Adding New Members

If you’ve thought about joining a ChristCare Group in the past, now is a great time to do so. We have a great set of newly trained leaders who will be forming new groups, including Shaun & Kelly Wagner, Tom & Linda Schuler, Andy & Sam Halstead, and Robert & Sue Gebel. Plus, some of our current groups may also be looking to add new members. If you are interested, please contact one of our ChristCare Equippers who help oversee this ministry: Reed Felton or Mary Todd-Krueger Or contact Pastor Ben Squires