Cancer Support Group. The next Immanuel Lutheran Church Cancer Support Group monthly meeting will be Tuesday, December 2, 2008, at 7:00 pm. This is a busy night at church, so our meeting area will be determined at that time. For this meeting we will continue a series of reflections entitled Journey of Hope ... Walking with Hope Through Life's Valley's.  Perhaps you or a loved one are battling cancer or a serious illness. You long for a hope that is real, unshakable, and lasting. Or perhaps you or a loved one have passed through such a valley, and will never view life (or death) the same. This journey series will focus our discussions in the Immanuel Cancer Support Group over the next several months. God did not tell us that walking through the valley would come without pain and suffering ... hopelessness and despair however, as we will discover, are optional! We invite you to join this journey of hope with us. If you've thought about checking out Immanuel's Cancer Support Group, Tuesday night 12/02/08 is a great chance to
do just that, as we view and reflect on the Journey of Hope.