STEPHEN MINISTRY Training Update - Continue to lift up our Stephen Ministers and Stephen Leaders in prayer. Here’s what they’re covering this week. Session Six—Process versus Results in Caregiving If ever there were a time for Stephen Minister trainees to say “Aha!” this module would be it. They learn the key understanding that they don’t have to (and indeed can’t) fix whatever problem it is that their care receiver faces. This session is a time for a collective sigh of relief. God is the curegiver; the Stephen Minister is the caregiver. This establishment of roles is what makes Stephen Ministry possible. The concept runs counter to the strong results-oriented approaches of present-day society. But in caregiving, the more one pushes for results in another, the faster and farther they flee. If you would like more information on our congregations Stephen Ministry, please call your Stephen Ministry Leader(s) Pat Hurlbut or Matthew Barton.