Kingdom Quest
2-3 year olds-Lesson 24—Jonah Tells about God
♦Bible Event: Jonah 1: 1-17
♦Take Home Point: Tell others God loves you.
4-5 year olds-Lesson 24– Elijah and the Prophets
of Baal
♦Bible Event: 1 Kings 18: 16-38
♦Take Home Point: God is Powerful-Pray to God
for help
Grades 1-4– Lesson 25 Joseph’s Brothers in Egypt
♦Bible Event: Genesis 42-45
♦Take Home Point: God can make good from
what seems bad
Grade 5—Lesson 25 New Hands
♦Bible Event: Luke 10: 25-37, John 20: 24-30 1
Timothy 4: 12
♦Take Home Point: Your hands can help. Now is
the time.