VISION SUNDAY IS October 19—all services

What is it? Vision Sunday is a celebration of the Capital Stewardship Campaign. Its purpose is to answer the question “Why is this campaign worthy of my sacrificial support?” The services are designed to  draw Immanuel members back to the awareness that God is at work in our ministry here. How will its purpose be accomplished? In a number of ways.

First, all members have been invited to attend an Awareness Forum this week to hear about project plans, view architectural drawings, and learn more about the campaign and its timeline. Second, you’ll be receiving in the mail an invitation to attend Vision Sunday services, along with a brochure asking and answering key questions about the campaign; it will help you formulate more questions to ask at the forums. Third, next Sunday you’ll hear testimonies from three Immanuel members. One will relate what Immanuel’s past means to them; another, how the present looks in their eyes; the other about their dreams for the congregation’s future.