Did you know that only 9 out of 10 parents choose life for their baby who is determined to be born with Down Syndrome? What can you do to help foster a climate that affirms life? One practical way is to support parents of special needs children. Currently we have four students in our Kingdom Quest who are working with Pals, caring individuals who help the children one-on-one. If you would like to be a Pal or know someone who needs a Pal, please see a pastor or contact Abbie Schlie. You can also learn more about special needs by checking out books from the special needs section of our Church Library. These books are available for parents, teachers, Kingdom Quest helpers, Pals, coaches, or anyone who wants to learn more. Each week we will preview our latest acquisitions. This week's book is :“No More Meltdowns”  by Jed Baker -  Positive strategies for managing and preventing out-of control behavior.

It is our goal to offer a special Pal for those children with special needs who need one-on-one assistance during Kingdom Quest. Children will be paired with their Pal who will be with them during the regular class, providing assistance and added direction and guidance as needed. If you would like your child to work with a  Pal, please register him/her on the Pals Program form located at the information desk and place it in Abigail Schlie's mailbox. If you are interested in volunteering as a Pal, please sign-up at the information desk. You don't have to have a special degree for this--just lots of patience and love! As a Pal you would accompany your child to Sunday School class and help him/her with the lessons. You would not have to teach; although, you may find it helpful to make some adaptations as needed to meet the needs of your child. If you have any questions, please contact Abigail Schlie.