We are knitters/crocheters who enjoy working with yarn but our budget is very limited. You have an opportunity to help.

►Bring in your current Michael’s or Joann’s coupon so we can purchase yarn at a discount. Put them in Pat Behling’s mailbox at the end of the mailboxes.

►Donate money to be used to buy yarn. Put money in an envelope and mark for knitting/crocheting group.

►Drop off any yarn in the bookstore and we will put it to good use.

We have such a wonderful group of people at our knitting/crochet group that we have decided to meet every Tuesday from 6:30-8:30. People are working on prayer shawls, baby booties and hats for babies and soldiers for now, but I’m sure that will grow as we see a need. This is a ministry of our Lord here at Immanuel–reaching out to others while enjoying each other’s company. We share ideas and laughter. If you want to knit/crochet you don’t need to make a weekly commitment, or even know how to knit/crochet. We invite you to come and share some time with us. Get to know some great sisters in Christ. We want to get to know you too. We do not discriminate against age or sex.