Collection of Religious Materials is a continual project at Immanuel which will focus on collecting and recycling used religious materials primarily to third world countries. People around the world are hungry for Christian literature, but in many nations it is either not available or too costly for people to purchase. An organization known as International Christian Literature Distributors, Inc. was founded in 1961 and ships over 1600 pounds of material per week to over 50 countries. What we will do at Immanuel is to provide a drop box location here at church for our families to bring their Bible, tracts, devotionals, study books, Bible story books, unmarked Sunday School materials, Christian cassettes, postage stamps, and even greeting and Christmas card fronts. This will be an ongoing project, so bring your donations anytime. Help with postage is also most welcome. A member’s family will deliver these materials to the organization’s warehouse in Minneapolis. The labeled collection box at Immanuel will be in the front of the office.