Cancer Support Group. The Immanuel Lutheran Church Cancer Support Group's next monthly meeting will be Tuesday, November 2, 2010, at 7:00pm in the classrooms (off the Fellowship Hall) at Church. (Please plan on voting in the mid-term elections before the meeting, as the polls will be closed by the time we finish). This meeting will continue the very inspirational sessions devoted to The Lord's Prayer, for people with cancer. In this video series, and corresponding materials, Ken Curtis explores coping with cancer from personal experience based on the inspiration of how Jesus instructs us to pray. For this video Curtis went to Israel to film in locations important in the life of Jesus. When the prayer is grasped and uttered from the heart, it can -- and will -- change us. Even in our pain, there can come a joy and a feeling of rightness with the world. If you've thought about checking out  mmanuel's Cancer Support Group, Tuesday night 11/02/10 is a great chance to do just that. We will reflect on the video series and continue our journey in God's Word with The Lord's Prayer.