The Immanuel Lutheran students in grades K5 and 5th grade have supported two community efforts recently through their Christ Care group. In fall the two grades collected 308 towels that were donated to the Wisconsin Humane Society on Wisconsin Avenue. The classes took a field trip to the Society headquarters and made a presentation of the towels that will be used to dry the animals that are sheltered there after they are bathed, and will provide soft bedding in their cages. Before Christmas the same Christ Care group gathered 128 food items for donation to Hope Lutheran Church on Highland Blvd. That church operates a Food Pantry for inner city residents, and often feeds 200+ families per week. Their church is grateful for the support Immanuel gives them. This is the second year that our grades have collected food for them. Teachers Lisa Wolf and Paul Gohde would like to thank all of you who worked to make these efforts a success and hope that you will help with our upcoming spring project. Stay tuned!