You may have noticed that the new bulletin boards in the back of the sanctuary and the main hallway are taking on a new look. Three of the church hallway boards are now labeled in a manner similar to the Catalog of Ministries. Ministers, you're welcome to post your ministry announcements on the bulletin board that corresponds to your Catalog listing (i.e. Altar Guild is under Immanuel Engagement so they can post announcements on the Engage at Immanuel board). If you need a more extensive display, please ask in the office about setting up on one of the four tables in the Fellowship Hall hallway en route to the Conference Room. There is also a fourth board called "Exchange Goods and Services" - that's for your "classified-type" announcements.

The bulletin board in the back of the sanctuary highlights Immanuel's desire to "Embrace," "Equip," and "Engage". The "Embrace" section will incorporate new member and outreach opportunities, the "Equip" area will highlight upcoming equipping opportunities such as the PLACE Workshop, and the "Engage" section will post fliers with Serve Today opportunities. This board will be maintained by myself and other staff. Thanks for helping us create a unified look to our bulletin boards for members and guests! - Lisa Jaeger