The Parent Teacher League (PTL) is made up of every parent and teacher at Immanuel Lutheran School.  It is led by the PTL Board.  Each officer of the board is elected to a two-year term and can only hold that office for 2 terms (or 4 years). Current people serving on the board are Joan Enters, President; Lisa Wolf, Vice President; Shelly Kobza, Treasurer; Donna Jeske, Secretary; Lisa Schmit, Committee Liaison; and Paul Gohde, Faculty Representative.  

The mission of the PTL is to keep parents educated, informed, and involved in their children’s education at Immanuel. Parents are encouraged to volunteer their time in the school. PTL also sponsors Teacher Appreciation Week in May. 

The PTL has six committees supervised by the following people:

Market Day                              Barb Smith

Campbell’s Labels                    Karen Isaacson

Box Tops for Education            Diana Ostovich

Cartridges for Kids                   Becky Sternig

Classroom Cleaning                  Angie Arnold

Kemps Milk Caps                    Ruth Schulze

An additional PTL activity is Recess Duty, coordinated by Tracy McCaughn.

See separate ministry entries for more information on how to participate in these programs. For more information about the PTL, contact PTL President Joan Enters.

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